ATOYX Super V666 Drone with Camera HD mi 4k 1080p


Brand Name: ATOYX
Features: Remote Control
Type: Helicopter
Charging Voltage: 7.4V1200MHA
Action Time: 8MINUTES
Motor: Brushless Motor



Friendly tips:
1. Please collect the AliExpress coupon (15-2) before placing the order.
2, Therefore, in order to receive the parcel faster, please consider the Russian warehouse or Spanish warehouse delivery, which can save you 99% time

Shopping guide:
1. Before placing an order, if there are any questions that prevent you from placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact me in time, I will give you very professional advice.
2. When placing an order, please fill in the correct name, address, telephone, in order to facilitate the order, we can contact you in the first time.
3.After placing an order, please feel free to contact us at any time, instead of filing a dispute, because a complete dispute process takes 15-30 days from the time the dispute is filed to the end of the dispute, so you can contact us directly. To solve it, it only takes a short time.
4. Before receiving the parcel, we will stock the goods in the shortest time, check the color, quantity, quality, and strictly pack it for you. When you have not received the goods, you will always pay attention to the latest development of logistics and give you the time. Feedback detailed logistics information until you receive the package. If you do not receive the goods within the time limit of the promise, we will re-deliver it for you, or a full refund.
5. When you receive the parcel, please check the color, quantity, quality, quality, or other problems caused by the seller as soon as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible, we will provide you with the return or refund in the first time. Program.
6. Before you use this product, please check if the battery is full and the accessories are complete.
7. Before operating the flight, please look for the end of the aircraft with a battery jack at the front end and the tail end as the tail end, and distinguish the direction.
8. When operating the flight, please pay attention to safety, do not touch the propeller directly, otherwise it will be hurt.


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